Welcome to The Caddy­Shack: A Tradition of Quality

The journey of Rice Farm began over thirty years ago, set against the backdrop of a serene 10-acre farmstead. This was the canvas on which Robert and Holly Rice painted their dreams, dedicating themselves to a life rich in agriculture and community spirit.

Cultivating a Legacy Amidst the Fields

As the seasons changed, so too did the Rice Farm, blossoming from its humble origins into a thriving family haven. It was within these nurturing grounds that Tracie and Andrew Rice's childhoods unfolded, their days woven with the vibrant threads of rural traditions and community engagements.

The heartbeat of Rice Farm extends beyond its fences, resonating through our active participation in local FFA, 4H, Jaycees, Sheldon TIES, and seasonal sports. These engagements are not just activities; they are the fibers of our commitment to nurturing the community and preserving the legacy of our shared agricultural roots.

Harvesting Progress with Every Season

In our farm's early chapters, steers and pigs were the mainstay of our agricultural pursuits. Yet, as our expertise flourished, so did our practices. We broadened our cattle rearing, selecting breeds for their distinct qualities, and refined our pig farming, aligning with the rhythms of sustainable, ethical agriculture. Each step in our evolution is a testament to the Rice family's enduring adaptability and our profound passion for a life entwined with the land.

Anchoring Dreams in Historical Soil

2019 was a landmark year for Rice Farm, as we embraced a new chapter with the acquisition of a historic one-room schoolhouse near Shewami Golf Course. This wasn't just an expansion of land; it was a deepening of our farm's roots and a broadening of our horizons, laying a more robust foundation for our family's legacy and for the community we serve.

We warmly invite you to step into the world of Rice Farm, a place where tradition meets innovation. Here, we're not just offering premium, locally raised beef and pork; we're sharing a slice of our family's heart and history. Join us in celebrating the enduring spirit of farming, family, and community connection.

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